Cotton Nightdresses for Summer: Traditional Victorian or Contemporary Chic?

Pure cotton nightdresses are the perfect sleeping attire for summertime but there are various styles available, so which one will be the perfect style for you?

There are some companies out there, such as Powell Craft, which specialise in making good quality cotton nightdresses based on traditional Victorian designs.
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Many of these nightdresses are pure white cotton, although some have embellishments, such as ribbons and embroidery on them.

These Victorian-style cotton nightdresses come in a variety of lengths, from ankle-length to knee-length (although nothing shorter! ). Some possess long sleeves, some have brief or cap sleeves, and some are sleeveless with straps instead.

They all provide comfort and coolness during hot summer nights, and allow your skin breath to keep it healthy. Even if you choose an ankle-length, long-sleeved nightdress it will still keep you cool at night as the cotton fibres wick away moisture from the skin and let the air circulate around your body.

Powell Write has recently produced some new designs veering slightly away from the traditional Victorian style, using brighter, bolder printed cotton. The patterned nightdresses continue to be made using the highest quality cotton, and for that reason still offer all the properties of the white Victorian-style nightdresses but with just a little contemporary chic added to them.

The particular shapes of the newer style nightdresses are very similar to the Victorian copies, because they are mostly ankle or shin size, but the patterns used are very classic looking floral and rose designs.

Vintage or retro floral prints have really come back round directly into fashion so these kinds of designs are becoming more and more popular. It is therefore important to make sure that the material used is hundred per cent pure cotton, rather than an artificial fibre, to get the benefits of the qualities of this natural product.

You can go to bed looking super stylish and still feel at ease and cool, in order to get a good evening of sleep and maintain the health of your skin. In case your body is healthy your mind will stay healthful and you’ll sleep better at night!

Is actually tricky business choosing the type of nightdress that best suits you in case you know you want a cotton nightie there is certainly plenty of choice out there, you just need to find a brand that uses good quality cotton and try a few different designs.

When you find the length and design that suits you and that you find comfortable stick with it, but if you fancy a change now and again there are always new patterns being released. Internet shopping for cotton nightdresses is the ideal place to keep up to date with the many designs on offer, and if you buy something you don’t like you can always send out it back and exchange it regarding something else instead.