The Mobile Phone As a Scanner Or a Photo-copier

Digital cameras are very nifty features in mobile phones. They are very handy and they are valued for their portability. If one’s cell phone has a decent camera built in, this no longer becomes necessary to bring a separate digital camera. With cameras in mobile phones, it is possible to capture spontaneous, precious moments as well as interesting scenes as they occur without a lot of worries.
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They even encourage casual picture-takings in group events.

Mobile phone cameras, however , have additional, more interesting uses that aid in increasing a person’s productivity. Most of us, all things considered, are very busy people who have a lot of things to complete but do not have that much time in our own hands. By knowing a few tips on our mobile phone cameras, we can in fact save some time and get some more function done.

One time-saving use for mobile cameras is that they radically change the concept of taking down notes. Everybody knows that taking down notes needs a pen and a paper. In course, in a seminar or in a conference, we take down what was written on the white board as much as we can faithfully render on paper. With camera phones, however , one shot is all it requires to accurately capture what was actually written on the white board.

This idea also comes very handily when it comes to chores like shopping. Within errand shopping, we sometimes obtain handed a list of things to buy from your local store. Instead of bringing the actual list with us, which we might lose along the way, or even committing it to memory, which usually does not forgo the possibility of an item being forgotten, a quick snapshot of the listing taken with the camera phone the actual task easier. Of course the catch here is that we should not forget or lose the phone itself.

A cell phone with a camera can also act as a document scanner when an actual scanner or copier is not available. This is useful when you need to have documents copied but do not have access to copying equipment. What you need to do is to simply take snapshots of the document using your mobile phone digital camera. Later on, you can either send these snapshots as email to a website like Qipit. com or connect your mobile phone to your computer to save the snapshots to your computer first before actually uploading it directly to the site. What a website like Qipit. possuindo actually does is to clean up the particular snapshot and then to extract textual content from the images you have uploaded. The particular extracted text will then be put together into a text file.

Another way to do this is by feeding the images to OCR screen capture software program, such as CaptureText or Kleptomania. Software program such as these can do the same work as sites like Qipit. com do plus extract text from the images, but you do not have to upload the pictures anywhere. The information stays in your hard drive or external storage device.

Another useful use for the mobile phone camera that may save us huge blocks of your time is in helping us remember where we parked our cars. Losing the car in a huge garage or in a multi-story parking building could be a real pain, especially when we have done a considerable amount of shopping and are carrying large bags. Taking a snapshot of the location of the car as well as signs to give you your bearings will prove to be very useful in an otherwise time-wasting and annoying situation.

Mobile phone cameras can also conserve us from getting lost along the way to the venue of a meeting or even a date. Google Maps is becoming a popular navigation tool on the Internet. If we want to find out the way you can get to the place where we have been supposed to go, it is better to find it first on Google Maps, and then click it to full screen setting. Afterwards, we take a snapshot from the map it generates to our location. This is very nifty when it comes to traveling in foreign countries, where it is always recommended not to open a map or a guidebook to avoid looking like a tourist and being preyed upon for being a tourist. We can stop on our tracks and discreetly pull out our own phone to consult the chart we have just taken a picture of. And then we can go on our method. Of course we have to take care that the mobile phone does not get snatched up from your hands.

Cameras in mobile phones can also help keep us safe. When riding a taxicab, it has become typical practice for many to send a text to a family member or a friend the plate number of the taxicab they have just taken. A camera phone requires this to another level altogether. You can now take a snapshot of the permit plate and driver details usually put on the passenger side of a taxicab and then send this being an email to someone else.

Built-in digital cameras are very, very useful features in cell phones. Not only do these cameras allow all of us to take pictures of anything we all like instantaneously, but they also have various other practical uses. If we know these types of simple but practical tricks intended for using a mobile phone camera, they can save us a lot of time, effort and even cash.