Sod Set up Suggestions – A Homeowner’s Guidebook to Laying Sod

one. Sod measurements – When commencing your sod challenge you need to just take into account all landscape buildings and flower beds. Then, working with a measuring wheel or tape evaluate, properly measure the region to be sodded. Add five% to this quantity to make it possible for for cutting around constructions & beds. This amount signifies the square footage of sod you will want. If you are doubtful most sod suppliers can help you if you provide them with an correctly marked drawing.

two. Soil Preparation – Planning the base under your sod is vital! As the grass grows the roots have to be ready to penetrate into the soil. Tricky surfaces protect against the progress of grass. Make confident all rocks, old roots and grass are eliminated from the installation location. Topping this with three inches of topsoil makes a excellent foundation. This is effective effectively as the sod strips come with its possess soil modification.

3. Remaining grading – The foundation area need to be leveled to insure sod will also be stage. Making use of a appropriate grading rake will operate finest. For greater parts you may possibly want to roll over the soil working with sod roller. Rolling makes certain that soil does not operate or settle causing holes or gaps that will hinder sod growth. Sod preparation is all the things when it comes to sod installation.

4. Acquiring sod – There are several sod suppliers to decide on from (lawn and back garden outlets, sod growers and nurseries) but you must know what you are on the lookout for. Sod strips should be dense and at minimum two” extensive. Seem for a uniform environmentally friendly color with a community of roots on the underside, with a moist soil foundation of at minimum one”. Sod strips must not tear or fall apart when taken care of. For huge applications we endorse sod supply to decrease managing.

5. Laying sod – Lay your first row of sod commencing from edge of a flower mattress, property, patio or any landscape border. The following row should overlap at the seam. Do not line up your seams! Stagger seams to stay away from strains when sod grows in. Use a sod cutter (you can invest in one particular at most garden and back garden suppliers) to cut alongside all borders and around sprinkler heads.
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Continue to keep all items on the side as you may require them to fill in as you get the job done.

six. Watering – In the course of the 1st two weeks you should really water for 45 minutes. This hefty watering helps to drive roots down into soil. Following this you will want to water 20 to 30 minutes a day, based on heat problems.

7. Upkeep – Anyone needs to know when it truly is very good to do the first slice. Dependent on the progress of the grass and if the roots begun to get will ascertain when you cut. Take a look at the spot by carefully pulling again a piece of sod. If the sod has rooted you may perhaps do your initially cut. Due to the fact your new garden is in its infancy, it should be mowed at a slow tempo for the first thirty day period.